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The United Kingdom is the main consumer of fruit and vegetables in the European Union, with index of import of more than 6 million tonnes per year worth over 7000 million euros. We at Orange Market Group Ltd have put together a valuable Group of experts with the purpose to conquer this market, this is where our business plans of short and medium term in Cryptocurrency(Bitcoin) allow the optimum performance of our investors money, taking the lead by crossing the barriers of the currency exchange market of legal tender between the European Union and the UK.

What we offer

With more than 1 year of strategy planning and market research the work of our group of experts is to make this project a reality and together with our customers we will lay the foundation for a stable investment platform. ORANGE MARKET GROUP LTD is in the best position to scale rapidly in this capital market, proof of this is reflected in the excellent plans of investment offered to its clients, 6 investment plans with a minimum investment of $ 10 USD. The plans consist of 1 daily payment plan and 5 expiry plans. The daily payment plan offers the investors receive their winnings 24 hours after depositing, in contrast to expiration plans where investors have to wait for the expiration of their plan before they can see their earnings in their account. All payments are processed immediately after the request to withdraw the balance of your account. We pay 7 days a week for 365 days a year.

High Returns, High Security, Great Community and instant payments

Our program is for those who wish you invest stress-free, and for those who value the benefits of high security and instant payments. Our program is designed to please members who simply want to be part of a great community and receive the best support the market can offer. Joining our program requires small investment of $10 USD and requires no work on your end to start earning high returns today. Join our team and start making money.


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